Check Out the Vans-Inspired FIAT 500L – The Ultimate Cruiser for Daytona Beach

August 21st, 2014 by

At the U.S. Open of Surfing recently in Huntington Beach, Calif., FIAT unveiled one of the sportiest FIAT 500L models to date. Here in Daytona Beach, our team was excited to hear about the new vehicle for a couple of reasons. For one, this new FIAT 500L is the perfect compact SUV to cruise around Daytona Beach.

Inspired by the Vans footwear brand, a favorite of many surfing enthusiasts, the new FIAT 500L features a number of stylish new touches and surfs-up details. The FIAT 500L-Vans, as FIAT is calling it, are equipped with vintage-styled seats, a sticker-collage dash and a roof covered in the iconic Vans checkerboard. It’s a bold new look for the 500L, and it only makes since that the redesign has gone viral since it first hit the Web.

Although we aren’t exactly sure what FIAT’s plans are in terms of availability at FIAT of Daytona Beach, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the new-look 500L. In the meantime, feel free to visit us here in Daytona Beach and browse our inventory of the compact FIAT 500L. You’ll find us in the Daytona Auto Mall, just south of Palm Coast, FL, and a short drive from DeLand.

New Beach-Inspired Features in the FIAT 500L – Vans

The Vans footwear brand played heavily into the design of the new FIAT 500L. For instance, the bucket seats feature the classic Vans palm-leaf print, a dashboard covered in vintage Vans stickers and a two-tone paint scheme that plays on Vans famous hi-top sneakers. Plus, the new 500L is loaded with many other features that make this the perfect SUV for Daytona Beach or for cruising any boardwalk in Central Florida:

  • An all-new roof rack: The FIAT 500L-Vans features a double-decker roof rack that will carry two surfboards or whatever equipment you need for the beach. That’s a welcomed addition for weekend adventurers.
  • Sleek new all-black wheels: Part of the Vans 500L look is the two-tone paint scheme, and the aggressively stylized black wheels fit nicely into the new color design. Simply put, the FIAT 500L-Vans is extremely bold.
  • Vans rubber sole accents: The pedals and the cup-holder lining are finished in rubber that matches the iconic Vans’ sole pattern.
  • New four-lamp LED heads: The new FIAT 500L features four new headlamps with LED halos

A Bold New Direction for the FIAT 500L

Already, the FIAT 500L is a perfect commuter vehicle, and the new design – which we’ll have to wait and see if they become available here in Daytona – is more evidence of Fiat’s identity as a fun and exciting brand. Many of the standard features in the FIAT 500L-Vans edition are available in the models we have available at FIAT of Daytona Beach.

For instance, the 500L is an extremely versatile car: There’s an available 123 cubic square feet of cargo space, and the second row of seating folds to create additional space. Standard entertainment features like the U-Connect system and 5-inch touchscreen display make listening to music and connecting with cellphone even easier. Not to mention, the 500L remains an affordable and efficient commuter vehicle. All and all, it’s hard to find an urban utility vehicle that matches the style, performance and efficiency of the FIAT 500L.

If you’re interested in buying the new FIAT 500L-Vans, check with our sales team for details. We’ll keep you all informed about availability. But don’t hesitate to visit us and test-drive the all-new FIAT 500L. You’ll find us in Daytona Beach, a short drive from DeLand and Palm Coast, FL.

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