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CIAO FIAT Mobile App for Android and iPhone

The CIAO FIAT mobile application is an original application designed to help FIAT owners stay connected and informed at all times. No matter where you go, you will always have access to a wealth of information and services at the touch of a button. With the development of the CIAO Mobile App, FIAT became the first company in Europe to create an iPhone channel intended to be used by drivers that offers FIAT owners one of the simplest and easiest to use apps on the market.

The Future of Connectivity

Unlike the GM OnStar system that requires you to use a single button to access a live operator for limited assistance, the CIAO FIAT Mobile app has been designed to take advantage of the latest in mobile technology. This system lets you connect to an incredibly wide array of services and applications simply through the touchscreen on your iPhone or Android powered device.

Amond the Many Services Offered Are:

Your Custom Profile

You can create your own custom profile that lets you customize the CIAO FIAT Mobile application with your personal data as well as information pertaining to each of your vehicles. This ensures that all of the information presented in the rest of the app will be customized to your vehicles and in doing so be far more detailed and accurate.

Dealership Locator

One of the worst things to deal with is when you need to find a FIAT dealership and you are in an area with which you are not familiar. With the touch of a button, you will have information concerning the nearest FIAT dealerships, how to contact them, as well as a map and driving information to help get you there via the shortest route.

Your FIAT Owner’s Manual

While your new FIAT comes with a printed owner’s manual, not everyone keeps this important reference in his or her car and very few used cars come with one. The CIAO app contains an abbreviated version of the owner’s manual that contains the most important facts and details. Use this feature to learn more about your car and to help make simple repairs and adjustments.

The Contact us Feature

Use this feature when you need to contact CIAO FIAT, which is the FIAT Customer Service center directory for help with warranty questions, service questions, and a wealth of useful information regarding your vehicle and FIAT.

Latest News and Promotions

You can use this feature to read the latest news from FIAT and to learn what the latest promotions, sales, and specials are. This information is updated on a regular basis and often includes information regarding vehicle pricing and service specials.

Find Your Car

Have you ever lost your car in a parking lot or forgotten which street you parked on? Use this handy feature to locate your car and get directions back to where you left it.


This feature reminds you when your car is due for service and lets you set up a maintenance schedule to ensure your car stays in tip top running condition.


There is nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic, with this feature you get real-time traffic alerts to help make your commute or vacation trip less stressful.

Roadside Assistance

Lets you connect with an operator when you need to request roadside assistance such as a tow truck, locksmith, or mechanic.

The entire FIAT CIAO FIAT Mobile application is designed to be easy to use and to help ensure FIAT owners have access to a wealth of highly useful information. It has proven to be highly successful in Europe and is now available to FIAT owners here in the United States. The service is completely free and can be downloaded from iTunes for iPhones and from the Google Play Store for Android powered devices.

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