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Daytona FIAT – The FIAT FCC4 Concept

FIAT proudly introduced their FCCA Concept car at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show, at which it was instantly dubbed “the four-door coupe with an adventurous spirit.” Accordingly most believe the name FCC4 refers to “FIAT Concept Car 4” or even “FIAT Concept Car with 4 doors,” but no matter which version you choose to believe, this truly unique FIAT represents a completely different direction from what has long been regarded as Italy’s family car builder.

Innovative Design and Great New Concepts

With the release of the FCC4 created by the FIAT Design Center Latam, FIAT has gone off the beaten path of traditional design. Instead they have taken a completely new direction that involves going down the path that includes the use of hybrid technology, generous interior and exterior dimensions, and increased road clearance. A sense of adventure is blended with the internal space found in most sedans and plenty of luxury. The FCC4 has been described as a “Real 4 Door Coupe with an adventurous spirit.”

The FCC4 offers buyers a vehicle that features dynamic lines combined with muscular surfaces and a significant reduction in the amount of glass. Not only does this give you a feeling of power, it adds to the overall protection and privacy for everyone in the car. FIAT has moved the front lighting groups into a position that gives the FCC4 a more aggressive stance and includes LED lights that remain on at all times for extra safety.  Even the FIAT logo is framed by LEDs that remain on at all times.

Thanks to the flat lateral glass, fastback design, and a “jacked up” appearance of the rear end, the FIAT FCC4 may be one of the most unusual, yet aesthetically pleasing cars to come from FIAT in many years. Along with asymmetrical doors, dual exhausts that are mounted at the ends of the bumper, and a central mounted aluminum protective plate, the uniquely shaped tail lights serve to add to the mystique of this amazing new concept car.

A Bold Bright Blue Finish

For the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show, the FIAT FCC4 was given a fresh coat of carefully chosen metallic blue paint such as has never been seen on any car ever produced by FIAT. The color was carefully chosen to highlight the FCC4s truly unique shape and body style. The company designed this car to be the perfect blend of on-road creature comforts and off-road capabilities.

The idea was to create a car that would attract younger drivers who wanted something a little different in a crossover style car after years of look-alikes from the major manufacturers. Thanks to the increased ride height and surprisingly generous dimensions both inside and out, the FCC4 seems to have accomplish this quite well.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Or so the saying went during the Second World War, and at FIAT there is still quite a veil of secrecy and mystery surrounding the FIAT FCC4 seen at the Motor Show.  While everyone who attended the show had an opportunity to walk around the FCC4 on display, no one had a chance to take a peek at what might be hiding under the hood. In fact there is a reason why no one had a chance to see what the FCC4 has for a power plant, to date FIAT has declined to tell anyone which engine they plan to use. In fact there has yet to be any type of announcement regarding when or if this amazing new concept car from FIAT will go into production. However, if the reactions from those in attendance at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show are anything to judge by, the FIAT FCC4 would be a roaring success when and if it should happen to make it down the production line.

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