Protecting your FIAT in the Summer

August 25th, 2015 by

There are many reasons why the east coast of Florida is known as the Sun Coast, not the least of which are the triple digit temperatures all summer long. While these temps might be great for those who love the beach, they can be devastating to your new FIAT automobile. The sun’s harsh UV rays can damage everything from the exterior paint to the cloth and vinyl interior.

There are a number of steps you can and should take to protect your FIAT to keep it looking like new for as long as you own it. Not only will this keep your FIAT looking great, it will help to retain its value when the time comes for you to trade it in. They can also help you to avoid any number of potentially expensive repairs.

Your FIAT’s Exterior

The sun’s UV rays, bugs, dirt, and grime all come into play with regards to how well the finish so lovingly applied to the exterior of your new FIAT will stay looking good.  Dirt and grime will over time scratch the finish as will the dirt contained in today’s rainwater. The chemicals found in a number of bugs can actually eat into the clear coat and paint, eventually staining it.

If you want to keep this from happening, it is important that you keep your FIAT washed on a regular basis. You should also use a clear coat approved wax to help keep bugs, grit, and grime from building up on your FIAT’s finish. It will also help eliminate water spots and most importantly of all keep your FIAT’s finish bright and shiny while filtering out the sun’s UV rays.

You should also consider investing in a soft car cover, not only will this help to protect the outside of your car, it will keep the temperatures inside down. This will make getting into your car on a hot summer day more pleasant, protect the interior from fading, and reduce how hard your air conditioning must work to cool your FIAT down.

Your FIAT’s Interior

There are a number of steps you can take that will reduce the damaging effects of the summer sun in Central Florida. Start by getting your Fiat a pair of sunglasses, in other words one of those sun shields you put in the windshield. This will protect the vinyl dashboard from damaging UV rays, keep your steering wheel from being too hot to touch, and may help keep interior temperatures under control.

You can also tint your windows to the highest level allowed by law. Doing this will help keep the temperatures in your FIAT lower, reducing fading and damage to its interior. Along with this try keeping the windows cracked to help release the buildup of superheated air inside. Bear in mind the temperatures inside your FIAT can exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit on a summer day here in Florida.

The use of a good quality cleanser on your dash and upholstery followed by the use of protectants intended to filter out the sun’s UV rays can also help to keep your interior looking like new for many years. Remember to use a low gloss protectant on the dashboard to reduce glare from the sun as this can help you avoid accidents.

Mechanically Speaking

There are a few things you need to stay on top of with regards to the mechanics of your FIAT. Keep a close eye on your FIAT’s tires, the extreme temperatures coming up off the road and from the sun can cause sidewall cracking, bubbles, and damage that can lead to blowouts. Remember to keep the air pressure properly adjusted as low tire pressures and high temperatures can be a recipe for disaster.

High temperatures make your automatic transmission work much harder, keep the fluid level topped up and more importantly be sure to change the filter and fluid on a regular basis. The same goes for your engine’s oil as superhot summer temps can lead to oil breakdown and engine damage. Keep a close eye on your FIAT’s belts and hoses as the extreme heat can also cause them to crack and break, leaving you stranded at the best or with a damaged engine at the worst.

Take a few moments to keep the terminals on the battery clean. High temperatures can accelerate the chemical reactions in the battery, leading to a rapid buildup of corrosion around the terminals. You should also keep an eye on the fluid levels in each cell and top them off with distilled water. Your FIAT mechanic at FIAT of Daytona Beach can help you keep a close eye on these aspects of your cars general health. It only takes few moments of your time to protect your new FIAT from the potentially devastating effects of the Florida summer sun.

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