How to Keep Your FIAT Pristine Inside and Out

December 25th, 2015 by


New cars always have a special gleam when they’re driven off the lot, but this shine will inevitably dim over time. The good news is that a little care and attention is all you need to keep your FIAT looking and smelling just like new.

Start with the Nooks and Crannies

Begin with the grime and gunk that’s hiding in cracks, corners, and nooks. Use an air compressor to blow dirt out from around the edges of your car’s interior. This will push it onto open surfaces where it’s easier to clean up.

Use All Your Vacuum Attachments

Your vacuum attachments are your best friend when it comes to detailing your car. Use the brush for your floors, seats, and rugs. Work into the corners and under the seats with a slimmer attachment.

Condition Your Leather

Clean all the leather surfaces in your car with a leather cleaner designed for this task. Test on a small inconspicuous area of the car if you’re using a product for the first time. Always use a soft cloth on leather, no matter how stubborn the grime. Get into the details of your leather seats and steering wheel cover with a Q-tip. Finish with a leather conditioner that contains aloe.

Clean Your Ducts

Most car owners overlook this little trick, but it’s a great way to maintain that new car smell. Use a portable air compressor to blow dirt and dust out of the ductwork for your car’s heating and air conditioning. Aim the tip of the compressor at the walls of the ducts just behind your vent grilles. After you’ve blown the grime and dust out, you should change your FIAT’s cabin air filter.

Presoak the Exterior

If your FIAT sees a lot of miles, the exterior may have a thin layer of grime on the bumper, wheel wells, and lower doors. Before you begin cleaning the outside of your car, allow these areas to presoak to loosen the gunk.

Clean the Tires

Professionals use an acid solution for dirty tires, but these products can damage your car’s paint job if they’re not carefully confined to the proper area. It’s safer for a DIY cleaner to use a degreaser to clean tires. Don’t use detergents, as these will damage your paint if they’re splashed on the car.

Wash with Professional Products

Never use a simple solution of dish detergent and water for your FIAT. This strips away protective coatings. Use a professional carwash solution and a soft sponge to wash your car from the top down. Rinse thoroughly and squeegee excess water away. Finish with a generous waxing. Keep in mind that adding multiple layers of wax doesn’t improve the finish. The only purpose of a second layer is to cover places that the first area missed.

Regularly cleaning your FIAT both inside and out will help it retain that fresh new look and feel that you so loved when you drove off the lot. Combine a thorough cosmetic detailing with meticulous attention to detail in the way of maintenance and servicing, and your FIAT will drive like new for years.

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