The 5 Best Places in Florida to Go for a Drive in Your FIAT

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You have a FIAT, and you live in Florida — it’s the perfect recipe for an enjoyable, gorgeous road trip. But there are so many great places to drive in Florida, how do you choose where to go? Put the following scenic drives at the top of your list.

The Overseas Highway

This drive from Miami to Key West is 160 miles of eye-pleasing sights. Imagine yourself in your FIAT, cruising along a highway surrounded by glittering ocean on both sides. This road’s nickname is “the magic carpet,” and you’ll feel that magic as you soak in the unforgettable views. The drive takes about three-and-a-half hours, so if you leave early in the day, you’ll have plenty of time left to enjoy the charms of Key West.

Tamiami Trail

This epic roadway, known as the Tamiami Trail or simply as U.S. 41, is a 275-mile byway that travels from Tampa through the Everglades to Miami. You’ll pass Big Cypress National Preserve as well as Shark Valley Loop Road. Stop at various attractions along the way to see gators, magnificent trees, and the world’s smallest post office. Snap some photos that are bound to make your Instagram followers jealous.

This is a drive you should go on at least once every couple of years. Because of ecological concerns, the road is undergoing changes; some parts of it may be replaced by skyways, which are bound to offer different but still stunning views.

This drive is on the longer side, so you might want to stop by your FIAT dealership before you take off so the experts can make sure that your precious ride is ready for the journey.

Tallahassee’s Canopy Roads

Leon County’s website provides this captivating description of Tallahassee’s canopy roads; “Huge moss-draped live oaks, sweet gums, hickory trees and stately pines cast their protective shade over the road, with limbs that meet in a towering canopy to provide cooling shade for the roads beneath them.”

There are several different canopy roads throughout Tallahassee and Leon County. Map out your route, and go exploring! While you’re in the area, you might also plan on visiting some of Tallahasee’s other attractions, such as Lake Jackson, Lake Ella, and the Florida State Capitol.

State Road 9336

Start in Florida City and make your way through the Everglades to the Flamingo Visitor Center. The landscape has a sort of mystical air to it; the unique plant life may make you feel like you’re visiting another world. One of the greatest things about this drive is that, despite its undeniable beauty, it isn’t overly popular. If you time your trip right, you might get the road all to yourself!


A1A is a gorgeous two-lane highway that runs along the state’s east coast. The stretch between Ponte Vedra Beach and Flagler Beach is particularly breathtaking.

Whether you want to see the ocean, trees, or wildlife, there is a scenic Florida road to suit your mood. Pack up your FIAT, pick up a friend, and hit the road!

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